Couple on market day, Chichicastenango

Cemetery, Chichicastenango

Ice Cream Vendors, Antigua

Mother and Son, Rabinal

Weaving Baskets for

Mother and Daughter, Solola

The Secret

Antigua, Guatemala

Fundraising for Santisima Virgen in Rabinal

Iglesia de Santo Tomás, Chichicastenango

Child near Lake Atitlan

Fruit Seller in Barrio Jukanya, Panajachel

Market Day in Chichi

Weavers, Morales

Best Friends

Green Wall, Solola

Man Bites Hat, Chichicastenango

Chirimia Player, Chichicastenango

The Miracle Cure-all, Chichicastenango

Three Generations of Weavers, Solola Departmente

Opening the Store, Santiago Atitlan
Festival Day, Santa Catarina Palapao

Honoring the departed, Rabinal

Flower Seller, Rabinal
Festival night, Rabinal

The Pronouncement

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